How to Hollow Out a Solid STL File

Due to the rise in 3D printing, people are wanting to make a model that uses the least amount of material. Here is a method we use to create a hollow STL model.

1st. Download and install AutoDesk’s Meshmixer. This is the only software you need and it’s free.Captured01


2nd. Import your STL file.  File->Import


3rd. If the object is not is a good position use  Edit -> Transform  to relocate your model upright and in the middle of the platform.


4th.  Use the Hollow command under the edit menu to hollow the object.  Make sure the offset is set to 2 or 3 mm.  When you hit the accept button, the object will go back to looking normal except it is hollow.


5th.  Move to the side of your model and make a Plane Cut under the Edit menu.  Move the plane to where you want the cut.  Select CUT TYPE as Slice (Keep Both) and FILL TYPE as Remesh Fill.

6th.  After the plane cut, separate the shells by using the Separate Shells command under the Edit menu.


7th.  Move one of the shells away from the other using the Transform tool.

8th.  Select the front half shell and Export to file.  Then select the back half shell and export.

Congratulations.  Your done.  You’ve created a hollow stl file from a solid model.  Import the files into your 3D printer and print away.