Sell Your Designs

Why leave your jewelry designs / CAD models on your computer’s hard drive when you can make passive income by selling your designs on  When one of your designs sells, you earn 40% royality of the price payable to your Paypal account.  It is very easy to do. 100% free signup with no maintenance fees.  You own your designs.  We do not resell or use them in any other way.

  1.  If you want to sell your jewelry CAD designs on 3d Jewelry, contact us at and apply to become a vendor by (CLICKING HERE).
  2.  Agree to the Seller’s Licensing Agreement (CLICK HERE).
  3.  Upload your files to this UPLOAD AREA (CLICK HERE)
  4.  Once your model is approved, it will be placed in your store.  Any sales of your model will be paid to your Paypal account the following week.  We will except designs for rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, watch cases and just about anything that can be printed and casted.

Your designs must be booleen, in STL format and a “water tight” one shell error free file.  If your file fails this test, it will be rejected.  We do not fix your file.

The file must be commercially viable to be approved. Copyrighted materials will not be accepted.  Pictures of the STL model is good idea but not necessary.  Once, you have placed all your models on, you need to do nothing else except wait for a sale and collect your commission.

You can use Materialize MiniMagics software to check your STL file or MeshMixer.

Please join our family of vendors.